Our Mission

"See through music" is a project of the Music for Bulgaria Foundation and RockSchool. Through music education, we help visually impaired young people to be much better integrated into society, to build invaluable personal qualities, and develop new professional skills. In the first edition of the project in 2019:

  • 19 visually impaired young people participated
  • Each received 48 hours of music lessons and 80 hours of rehearsals
  • We gave a stage for each participant to perform
  • We developed a new music teaching methodology

"See through music" 2021

The second edition of the project will be implemented in 2021 and will include:

  • 10 visually impaired young people will go through a training and mentoring program including 48 hours of individual music lessons
  • Participants will record their songs in a professional recording studio and will have a dedicated music video created
  • A methodology for teaching music to visually impaired people will be developed and digitized, which will be then freely available to music schools throughout the country
  • Professional training for teachers of various musical instruments will be conducted to help them work effectively with visually impaired people

Project History

The idea for the "See through Music" project was born when a father came to Rockschool a few years ago with his blind daughter Petra. Like any teenage girl, she was looking for the same things as her peers - a way to express herself, a supportive community, new friends, and a way to develop personally. Thus we saw the opportunity to create an adapted music education program for visually impaired young people. For them, music is a way to see the world and themselves in a new way, to develop invaluable personal qualities and skills, and to be an active part of the environment in which they live.

"See through Music" became the winner of the Change competition 2018/2019 - an initiative of the "Reach 4 Change" Foundation and Nova TV and received funding for its implementation.

We managed to achieve the program's record 57,748 votes of people who accepted our cause as their own and supported us in the vote. The project provided a full scholarship for 48 hours of music lessons and over 80 hours of individual rehearsals for 19 visually impaired young people.

The first edition of the project "See through music" in 2019 showed us what a huge potential it has and how much we can improve the lives of visually impaired young people. This inspired us to turn the project into a permanent initiative, which we will continue to develop.

The project "See through music" won the European Parliament award for European Citizen for 2020. The award is given to citizens and organizations that through their projects promote mutual understanding and integration between citizens and support cooperation in the field of culture. For 2020, there were 30 awarded organizations from 25 countries.


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Music for Bulgaria is a public benefit foundation. We are here to support the music scene and all who are looking to reach their musical potential. Each donation contributes to the improvement and expansion of our current music projects and to the realization of new ideas. Thanks to everyone who supports us.
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Who Organizes “See Through Music”?

RockSchool is a creative community that connects people who love music. We provide innovative educational methods through mentoring, band formation, stage experience, and online lessons. We offer completely free training for disadvantaged people.

We teach singing, guitar, drums, bass, heavy vocals, piano, solfeggio, violin, saxophone, songwriting, composing, flute, bagpipes, folk singing and accordion.

given music lessons 133 000+
free lessons for people in need 6 150+
organized concerts 430+